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  • June 9, 2022

Buying the right car for you has never been easier because low-interest rates mean that car finance has never been cheaper. Over time our needs change, and where once you may have needed a neat little sports car, you may now need a family car or a heavy-duty work vehicle. Whatever your requirements now is the right time to order the car of your dreams. Today we will take a look at what is out there to help you make your suitable choice of car in 2022.

1. Toyota Hilux

If you are an established tradesman who enjoys weekends in the wild camping and fishing this is a rugged off-road vehicle that will take you over rough terrain. Hi-Lux means pick-up truck and is marketed by Toyota.

Suitability: Highly suitable for tradesmen and carpenters to carry tools of trade and supplies across town with plenty of room in the truck-like tray.

Personality: Off-road capabilities make it perfect for the rugged outdoor type of man/woman to enjoy weekends in the wild with 4 wheel drive and economic Diesal 6.5 liter/100km.

Jobs: If you are carrying the club surfboards to the beach there is plenty of room in the tray, and there is a Wagon version of the Hilux called the Trekker. As a landscape gardener, the Hi-Lux is ideal for turf and plant transportation, as the tray is easy to clean.

2. Ford Ranger

The 2022 Ford Ranger is a 4 seat 4 door dual cab 4??4, making it perfect for family use. It is turbo diesel with 4 cylinders.

Suitability: The ranger doubles as a family car and a work vehicle, and it is fine to drive to the camping site on weekends.

Personality: If you are a tradesman who is unable to afford a second vehicle this one is for you, as it will transport your tools and the family.

Jobs: The WiLDTRAK 3.2 (4X4) Is slightly bigger seating 5 and with 16-speed manual 5 cylinder diesel. This is a seriously rugged off-road vehicle to take the whole family on a camping adventure over rough terrain. The new model 2022 has a powerful 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine.

3. Toyota Corolla

At times Toyota was once the best-selling car in the world and is still extremely popular because you can just keep driving it. The early models were rear-wheel drive and the latter model???s front-wheel drive.

Suitability: The corolla is comfortable and easy to maneuver, women love them as they are so easy to drive and family-friendly for the school run.

Personality: From experience, the Toyota Carolla is totally reliable very rarely requiring mechanical intervention.

Jobs: Terrific car to drive around city, groceries, dropping off kids to school.

4. Hyundai i30

This is such a great performance car that everyone will want one. It is a hatch with a 2-liter turbo engine, and an 8 -speed dual-clutch.

Suitability: It has a terrific road-holding ability with excellent performance for a hatch.

Personality: This is one of Australia???s suitable cars, and young singles will find it very attractive to own one.

Jobs: If you commute to the city every day this is the ideal car for you and will give a quality ride wherever you go around town.

5. Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Triton is a compact pickup truck ideal for builders and farmers. It is extremely popular with lots of sales.

Suitability: Great for the man on the land, and your local dealer can arrange Car Finance for you.

Personality: Since 2021 Mitsubishi sold in every market except the USA, Canada, India, and China. It is ideal for those in a rural areas and tradesmen.

Jobs: It has a tray to enable carrying bags of grain home for animal feed, and is equally at home in town or bush.

6. Mazda CX-5

Produced by Mazda in 2012, this is a compact crossover SUV. It has state-of-the-art Skyactiv technology and is designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. New versions keep coming out every year.

Suitability: A wonderful car to drive around the city and then out on the open road like drive to the country for weekends.

Personality: This is a great car for commuting to and from work, easy to park, and fun to drive holding the road well.

Jobs: The children will fit in the car for trips to school and there is enough storage at the rear for bags.

If you are planning to purchase this car your dealer will have suitable car finance available.

7. Mazda 3

A new generation Mazda 3 was unveiled in November 2018 at the Los Angeles Car Show. It had the new Skyactiv technology now favored by Mazda. Controlled compression ignition system, and made all-wheel drive an option. When first introduced Mazda 3 models were available in only two trim levels. Transmissions are available 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission since 2006 a four-speed automatic is optional.

Suitability: Some people have been concerned by spontaneous piston failure with the piston cracking caused in a manufacturing anomaly, not in all the vehicles, just a small percentage

Personality: The interior materials are better in this model and the inside looks sleek and well finished, making it comfortable to drive.

Jobs: This is the perfect family car for driving both in and out of town and you won???t be disappointed by it.

8. Toyota Rav 4

The Rav 4 now comes in a Hybrid delivering 163 kW and 1,500kg towing capacity. It has a spacious cabin with storage, and the Cruiser adds 360 degrees, view monitor.

Suitability: Toyota has come a long way in the last few years winning many awards including the 2020 car of the year.

Personality: Whether taking kids to a sport or heading for your country retreat on the weekend this is an ideal car and so economical to run.

Jobs: When going to Ikea for all the flat-pack furniture you will be able to stow it safely in the Rav 4 which is quite spacious.

9. Kia Cerato

Kia Cerato has an excellent flowing design and continues to build on its performance becoming more impressive with every model released.

Suitability: The cabin is spacious and modern, as well as driver-friendly/, focused on an intuitive digital world.

Personality: It comes in one of two distinct body styles either a hatchback or a really sleek sedan, making it unique.

Jobs: The Cerato sports Kias??? new Logo was released in Australia for the first time, and everyone is noticing it and asking questions, so this was a good move to get the new model talked about.

The Cerato 5 door 4WD, starts from around $26,000 at your Kia dealer and car finance is available.

10. Mitsubishi ASX

This is a neat crossover SUV with 5 doors. it was once known as the Mitsubishi Airtrek when released in Japan years ago.

Suitability Mitsubishi sells very well across the world with global sales totaling about 300,000 units. The Outlander is based on the Nissan x-trail and looks a bit like it.

Personality: Take the children and the dog for a farm stay, as it is a perfect auto for country life. The Outlander Plug-in Hybrid was listed as Europe???s best-selling Plug-in Hybrid for 5 years.

Jobs: The fourth-generation model was released in 2021, and is very popular as a family car in Australia.

Car Finance

Many car dealerships can arrange car finance for you through their branches, and you can take a look at the online calculator while you are waiting for the loan to be approved to see your monthly repayments. For the last 10 years, interest rates have been quite low, and remain low, so there has never been a better time to buy your new car and head off on a trip.

A driving holiday is ideal as most of us are not confident to travel overseas until Covid is over. We are lucky within Australia as most of us are now fully immunized so we can drive safely to every State in the country, and many families are taking the opportunity to see more of Australia now.

We should celebrate our borders reopening by taking a few camping trips and outback adventures, as Domestic Tourism is the way of the future.

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